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Welcome to the Luv My Gut blog. Your presence here shows your interest and general understanding of the impact bad gut bacteria has on mental health.


Luv My Gut is a US Based team of nutritionist, wellness coaches, parents, and neighbors looking to highlight the importance of maintaining good and proper gut health through knowledge and nutrition.

With depression and anxiety on the rise, along with unhealthy eating habits, and reduced level of activity.

We felt it was important to bring additional awareness to the gut and brain connection and how unhealthy habits could be the cause for the bad gut bacteria that is leading you or someone you love into depression unknowingly.

Bad gut bacteria and anxiety has proven to be related.

Improper gut health and depression has proven to be related as well.

We look to show our readers how these things are related and how they can start taking more control over their mental health, simply by showing more luv to their gut.


In partnership with Aluva, a US Based company that launched as a result of seeing the effects of the 2019 global pandemic.

Luv My Gut and Aluva’s mission is to educate people on foods that cause gut inflammation and ways to get rid of bad gut bacteria by providing their body with the good bacteria it needs in order to thrive.

Yes, there is good bacteria called probiotics and prebiotics that support good digestive health.

We show our readers what this good bacteria is and how this good bacteria can be used to improve immune health, wellness, vitality, and sense of well-being.


We are always looking for people who find gut health and mental health important.

If this is you and you would like to write for the Luv My Gut blog, we would like to hear from you.

Please email us at Write@luvmygut.com

If you are not a writer, but use social media, we are looking for new or established influencers to join the “luv my gut” movement.

This is a paid position, where income is based on your level of influence and community growth.

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity. Please email us at Earn@LuvMyGut.com

Our combined efforts will help spread the message faster, healing the world of the depression and anxiety you see in it today.

All the best,

Luv My Gut Team


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